August 2014

August 15, 2014
Alexander Nemser and Nino Biniashvili publish The Sacrifice of Abraham

Asylum artists Alexander Nemser and Nino Biniashvili celebrate the publication of their new collaboration, The Sacrifice of Abraham.

The Sacrifice of Abraham contains fifty short pieces composed in poetic prose, centering on the Biblical story of Isaac and Abraham: a father commanded by God to sac...

August 12, 2014
Todd Shalom and Nisan Haymian present the Elastic City Walks Festival, 9/29-10/7

Elastic City is celebrating the fist ever festival of participatory walks this September 29-October 7th. Started by Asylum Artist Todd Shalom, the organization engages artists in walks that bring a different perspective in touring the city. The festival consists of eight new walks by artists, includ...

August 10, 2014
Noemi Schlosser is TLV1's Person of the Week

Noemi Schlosser was named radio station TLV1's person of the week, and was interviewed to discuss her play, Traktorfabrik. She is a theater writer, director, producer, actor, and the artistic director of Salomee Speelt, a Belgian mixed-media theater company. She recently wrote Traktor Fabrik (‘T...

August 8, 2014
Helen Akhtiorskaya's Debut Novel Receives Amazing Reviews

Helen Akhtiorskaya’s debut, Panic in a Suitcase, is the subject of numerous online praise. Deemed "brilliant" by The New York Times, her novel begins in 1993 in Brighton Beach and tells the story of Ukranian imigrants.


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