December 9, 2014
Assaf Evron's "Spolia" on display at Haifa Museum of Art

Assaf Evron's work is being featured in a group exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art in Israel until March 8.

"The works in this intimate group exhibition build upon the term "spolia" and upon the related principle of a multilayered physical and metaphorical structure, which forges a connection between distinct temporal moments. Past and present signs and cultural expressions are laid out upon a single support, thus undermining a linear, hierarchical conception of space and time and the privileged status of a single point of departure or origin; instead, they form an arrangement composed of intertwining elements that frequently come undone.

Such a presentation of different temporal moments appears in the work Untitled (The French Colonies, Morocco) by Assaf Evron (c. 1930–2014), which features a deceptive landscape image. This work is an enlarged reproduction of a photograph from a photo album published in the 1930s, which was devoted to the French colonies in North Africa. The image seems to be composed of two layers: a series of mountaintops are visible in the background, while the foreground contains a swarm of locusts that obscures the landscape. Although it was photographed in a single moment, this illusion of a multilayered composition calls into question its faithful representation of a certain historical moment – a concern that often surfaces in the context of "spolia." The swarm of locusts in the foreground masks the terrain and appears as a storm that mobilizes and activates the photographic image, transforming it from a concrete vista into a mediated Orientalist support, a haunted landscape. The cloud of insects and the enlarged print deconstruct this sphere into dissolvable particles, which seem to injure the landscape and call for its reconstruction."


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