March 12, 2015
Itamar Paloge and Hillel Smith to give artist talk at AJU 3/18

Itamar Paloge and Hillel Smith will be giving an artist talk regarding their fabulous collaborative murals at the American Jewish University on March 18, a collaboration they both started at the Asylum Arts retreat, which was later funded by one of our small grants. 

This will be part of the Illuminated Streets series at American Jewish University - AJU Institute for Jewish Creativity. The project seeks to advance the Jewish contribution to the LA street art scene, increase ties between LA and Israel and explore expressing Jewish identity through unlikely media. Illuminated Streets brings together Itamar Paloge a.k.a Faluja and Hillel Smith, artists from Tel Aviv and LA respectively, to create collaborative murals in each city.


More information below, where you can RSVP for the artist talk:!portfolio/c1ah3

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