August 25, 2015
Idan Cohen's Gender Bender hits the stage 8/27
Asylum alum Idan Cohen's “Gender Bender” is an autobiographical fantasy dance piece that takes the viewer back to Cohen’s early years, growing up in the 80’s. Drawing upon punk and pop culture, "Gender Bender" incorporates images that reflect personal and social identities of masculinity, femininity and all that lies in between. The piece takes gender inspired images from the 80’s on a journey throughout the past and the present, creating a cultural cobweb of music, imagery and dance. It aspires to be a reflection of the influences and forces projected onto us by the past and present culture and social environment we create, and are being created by. 
Gender Bender takes place in Tel Aviv at:
The Cube Theater, Gay Center - Hamerkaz Hage’e
Tchernichovsky St.22 inside Park Me'ir, Tel Aviv
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