November 9, 2015
David Freeman's Tribute to Yedidia Admon 11/14

Asylum Arts Small Grants Recipient David Freeman will be performing the piece on November 14, 2015 in Brooklyn.  A Tribute to Yedidia Admon is an exploration of the life and music of the late Israeli composer, Yedidia Admon.  David will work with an ensemble of musicians to arrange, perform, and ultimately record a five-song EP of Admon’s compositions. This process will serve as an investigation into Admon's life with the intent to reveal the impact he had on Jewish music and to highlight why he was so instrumental in the development of Israeli identity in the early 1900's.  Yedidia Admon (1894-1982) is recognized as an influential figure in Israeli history as a composer who broke new ground, creating music that was an inclusive blend of his own Jewish roots, melding Arabic, Yemenite, and Eastern Jewish music. Admon's compositions are rich in history and spirit which deserve greater visibility.

Girls in Trouble Album Release Show in Brooklyn! 
At The Living Room - 134 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg
With Chris Moore and Sha'ar.
Show is 7 - 9 PM SHARP!
(no cover)

GIrls in Trouble - 8:15 PM Sharp.
Girls in Trouble is an ongoing indie-folk/art-pop song cycle by poet, singer, songwriter and violinist Alicia Jo Rabins. 
With Aaron Hartman on Bass and David Freeman on Drums.

Sha'ar - 7:40 PM Sharp
Sha'ar: Tribute to Yedidia Admon
Brooklyn Debut with Oren Neiman on Guitar, Doug Drewes on Bass, David Freeman on Drums and Ivan Barenboim on Clarinets. 
Project made possible by the generous support of Asylum Arts.

Pathways to Freedom by Julia Vogl

Special Announcement: The Exit by Dana Sederowsky

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