May 16, 2016
Hansen House and Villa Sherover, Jerusalem, Israel

May 19-May 26, 2016

Artist and Asylum Arts alum Itamar Paloge (Faluja) presents a new project during Jerusalem’s Design Week.

Paloge was invited to create a site specific work at Villa Sherover: build in the 1950s as the biggest private residence the young country saw to date, this lavish house, with its philanthropic owners, exquisite modernist style and famous guests positioned its iconic status in local imagination. The Villa was shut off from the world for over two decades, although it was sold in 2014 to an anonymous buyer.

No wonder, then, this was an exciting site for creative exploration. Paloge, whose practice navigates urban streets, performative gestures, design and large-scale public objects, used all the drawers he could find across the vila to create an exciting installation. These forgotten objects were transformed into a visceral reflection about the space, its past and uncertain futures.

State of the Jews: An Opera by Alex Weiser and Ben Kaplan

The Future is Bright by Katya Grokhovsky

Forest Bathing by Tali Kimelman