June 30, 2016
Interview: Shalev Moran

We caught up with artist Shalev Moran and heard about life as a videogame expert, as well as the conceptual challenges and the potential collaborators he encountered while at Garrison. Watch here

“It’s funny, you sit around with people and talk about things that concern you as an artist, and you can talk for an hour without knowing in which medium the other person is working,” says Shalev Moran, curator, designer and artist from Israel about his experience in his first retreat in Garrison, NY.

Focusing for the past five years on digital games, Moran began his artistic path by venturing into street and performance art. Currently, he is the Games Program Director for Print Screen and Steamer Salon Festivals, while also teaching the history of video games in Shenkar College (Ramat-Gan, Israel). Moran is interested in the appearance of politics in art and its role in public life, as well as the relationships art builds with its audience.

“I was hoping to meet artists from different media and create a dialogue with them,” he says about the motivation to join Asylum Arts, “to find connection points and create something together, an interdisciplinary project. For me, this is also an opportunity to connect or reconnect with Jewish themes, and challenge my perception in different ways.”

Watch the full interview here:


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