June 17, 2016
Michal Ajerman at the Kingsgate Project Space

Friday, June 17, 6-9pm.

Closing: July 2, 2016

Kingsgate Project Space, 110-116 Kingsgate Road, London NW6 2JG

If you’re around London this weekend, don’t miss the exhibition “In This Soup We Swim,” which includes works by alumni Michael Ajerman.

Serving as the testing ground for projects supported by Kingsgate Workshops, the Kingsgate Project Space supports emerging artists. In this exhibition, they comment on the rich and convoluted creative spaces artists tackle as they exit the studios of their schools, by including artists in various stages of their careers and suggesting connections between concepts and approaches. Read more here.

Pathways to Freedom by Julia Vogl

Special Announcement: The Exit by Dana Sederowsky

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