November 6, 2016
A Trip to Philippson
Cassio Tolpolar's video 'A Trip to Philippson' was recently selected to be part of The Yud Video Project at The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, California. 

The five minute video is part of a documentary work in progress dedicated to understanding the first organized Jewish immigration to Brazil, which was carried out by the Jewish Colonization Association in 1904. In this documentary, Tolpolar researches and explores this history by focusing on the colony’s cemetery that is presently being renovated.

Interested in shedding light on the unique experience of Brazilian Jews, Tolpolar visited similar ideas in his feature documentary Mamaliga Blues, which explores his personal family journey from Moldova to Brazil.   

 This project was supported by an Asylum Arts Small Grant.


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Belongings by Tamar Latzman

Unreasonable Doubt by Yaara Zach

Pathways to Freedom by Julia Vogl