December 7, 2016
Asylum Arts Alumni Gathering in Buenos Aires

Agustin Jais, Avital Burg and Yevgeniya Baras are teaming up for a Pop-Up Exhibition and Alumni Gathering at Matienschön, Club Cultural Matienzo, Pringles 1249, Buenos Aires.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Exhibit featuring the works of Avital Burg and Yevgeniya Baras.
Musical performaces by Guo Cheng -presenting their new LP "Caballo, yeah"- and Eva Shin. 

Show on view until Friday, December 30, 2016. 

"This project considers travelling with our work to a new environment, Buenos Aires, and hence recontextualizing the paintings. Recontextualizing happens by showing together, something we have never done before, and by showing the work in a new city.
We will be reacting to a fresh setting through the process of collaborative installation and by creating dialogue in a place where conversation about painting must be very different from the one we are engaged in on a regular bases.
So often we exit our normative context in order to see ourselves and our daily routine from the outside, in order to understand, grow new eyes. We enforce a kind of purposeful temporary exile upon ourselves with the goal of learning.
Both of us are immigrants, we live and make art away from the place of our childhood memories, away from the culture which informed the roots of who we are today as artists. Hence, the experience of traveling outside one’s familiar environment is not foreign to us, and traveling to yet another new continent is a natural step on the continuum of maintaining and developing the dynamism of both of our practices." - Yevgeniay Baras and Avital Burg 

Pathways to Freedom by Julia Vogl

Special Announcement: The Exit by Dana Sederowsky

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