International Jewish Artist Retreat
December 9-12, 2018 ยท Garrison, NY

For the fifth year, we will be bringing together Jewish artists from all over the world for our International Jewish Artist Retreat, a four-day retreat of learning, community building, and professional development. The retreat allows artists to explore and deepen their connections to Jewish ideas, culture, and community. 65 multi-disciplinary artists from around the world will come together at the beautiful Garrison Institute in New York to learn from industry professionals, working artists, and from each other.

Master classes and seminars will be led by professionals from leading arts organizations, empowering emerging artists with the professional skills necessary for a more successful long-term career in the arts. These sessions have previously included marketing techniques to strengthen your artist profile and online presence, negotiating relationships, fundraising practices and more. Participating artists will also lead sessions in their areas of expertise. Previous artist workshops have included movement through imagination, stop motion animation, improvisation without instruments, storytelling in virtual reality, Jewish typography, meditation, and much more. We believe that by bringing together a global community of emerging Jewish artists, new art and relationships will be fostered that cross national boundaries and artistic mediums.


Artists will be drawn through a recommendation and open call process, and represent varied disciplines such as visual arts, theater, music, dance, film, photography, new media, writing, etc.  Artists must be creators of new work. This means we are looking for artists who generate their own work, rather than those who interpret the work of others (e.g. actors or singers – though we appreciate what they do!). Artists need to demonstrate a high level of excellence, work professionally in their field, and have a willingness to engage in a learning community and process. Artists should be within the stage of emerging, and generally within the ages of 22-45. 


We will be staying in shared accommodations at the Garrison Institute in upstate New York from December 9-12, 2018. Each participating artist must commit to attending the entire retreat period, from Sunday to Wednesday, as it is essential to the goals of both communal and professional development. 

While our retreat is subsidized, and all costs during the retreat period are covered, we ask each participant to pay a $100 fee to demonstrate commitment to our program and its goals. We will be offering stipends to those travelling from outside New York. After the retreat, artists will become part of our 500+ Asylum Alumni community and are therefore eligible to apply to our small grants program. 

Applications are now closed.


Why do you limit the ages of applicants to 22-45?

This particular program is best suited to artists in a certain phase of their careers, which we have identified as falling within this age range. We recognize that artists of all ages need support and community, but we have a very specific focus for this program.

How do I get there, and is my transportation paid for?

You are responsible for arranging your own travel into NYC, and we will take over getting you from NYC to the Garrison Institute. If you choose to transport yourself to the retreat, please arrive at the Garrison Institute by 12:00 on Sunday, December 9, 2018. There are travel subsidies available if you live outside of NYC or are traveling from an international destination.

How much money will I receive for my travel stipend?

Stipend amounts will depend on where you're coming from. Although we likely cannot cover 100% of your travel costs, in the past we have been able to cover more than 60% depending on our applicant pool. You will be notified about the exact amount upon your acceptance.

Are Asylum Alumni eligible to apply?

If you have never been to a retreat at the Garrison Institute, you may apply. That said, we will only be accepting a limited number of alumni. As much as we appreciate all of you, we need to reserve a majority of the spots for new artists.

Can I come for only part of the retreat?

We are asking everyone to commit to the entire period of the retreat, from Sunday to Wednesday, as we believe that being present for the entirety of the retreat is essential to the goals of both communal and professional development.

Can I bring my partner/husband/wife/baby/Jewish mother?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate additional people, and the retreat center is not designed for children. Please be in touch with us for specific requests.

What does my $100 participation fee cover?

Your $100 fee covers all of your costs from the time you get on the train in NYC on Sunday morning, until you get off the train in NYC on Wednesday evening. We will provide all of the accommodations, meals, snacks, and training.

Can you help me get a visa?

We cannot provide assistance to participants to secure visas. We can supply a letter explaining your participation in the retreat, but we cannot provide additional assistance.

Why is this retreat different from all other retreats?

The inaugural Asylum retreat, in March of 2013, was the first such international gathering of emerging Jewish artists, and we are thrilled to continue exploring the potential for exciting and meaningful moments of interaction, learning, and community-building. Since the retreat, the artists have continued collaborating to create new work, support each other’s careers, and use new skills that they picked up at the retreat.

What work samples should I submit?

Please submit work that you feel is a strong representation of your current practice. You should also be sure that it is of good technical quality. We would prefer to see samples of more than one project to get a sense of your range and different interests. If your video has 3 minutes of dark footage before the curtain goes up, edit that out. If you’re a multi-media artist, don’t submit still images. If you’re a musician, we need to hear some sound. This is an essential component of your application, so please be thoughtful with your work sample submissions. We are only accepting online submissions. Details for uploading your work samples will be provided in the Work Samples section of the application.