April 2018

April 30, 2018
Dani Scharf and His Inner Child

Dani Scharf talks about his artistic process and inspiration as a Latin American Jewish artist.

I have to thank my inner child. He used to draw a lot, and he didn't mind not being the best in the class by doing it. He also didn't care when they told him he did not know how to draw. That curious chi...

April 4, 2018
What's On Your Plate?

Alexandra Ben-Abba’s series of table settings and interactive meals expresses conflicts through everyday experiences. This past February she traveled to Vienna for her project, What’s on Your Plate, which was supported by Asylum’s Small Grants. The project was a series of workshops she ran for...

The Hospital Series by Asya Lukin

Shelter in Place, Adam W. McKinney

Time Between by Marc Shoul