October 2018

October 10, 2018
Art Spaces as Industrial Plants with Denise Lara Margules

Featured Artist, Denise Lara Margules, talks about the inspiration behind her most recent project, “Water My Plant”, in collaboration with Asylum alum Agustín Jais.

At first, my work focused on narrating family stories. I worked with super 8mm films shot and kept by my relatives. I had the ide...

October 9, 2018
De-Integrate Yourselves. Notes on a German debate. By Max Czollek

Asylum alum Max Czollek talks about his latest book, “Desintegriert Euch!”, which was published on August 20th of this year. 

As my first attempt at writing non-fiction, this book was meant to sum up the work I have been doing at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin for the last three years. At i...

October 8, 2018
The Sefaria Project

Director of Asylum, Rebecca Guber, talks about the process of creating a navigational guide as a way to engage artists with the texts of Sefaria.

Great artists do great research. That’s a line that I repeat in all sorts of contexts. When explaining why projects can take so long to manifest, when ...

Impossible Demand: Utopic Poetry by Simon Crafts

Land(E)scapes by Einat Amir

Art/Break - Virtual Studio Visits