December 2018

December 26, 2018
International Jewish Artist Retreat – Fake Fires and Real Hummus

Dusk had just turned into darkness, and a group of 30 artists were huddled around an empty firepit, in freezing temperatures. Our artist-leader, Nisan Almog, explained that we were going to build a fire, but conceptually, in a silent ritual. One by one we all took a log and laid it on or near the fi...

December 20, 2018
Relationships to Spaces and Their Environments with Michelle Gevint

Featured Artist, Michelle Gevint, talks about her artistic process and inspiration behind her work, which examines personal and social relationships to architectural spaces and built environments. Her most recent projects include ‘The Sweet Stench Of Sulfur’ and ‘22.5 degrees of possibility’...

Impossible Demand: Utopic Poetry by Simon Crafts

Land(E)scapes by Einat Amir

Art/Break - Virtual Studio Visits