March 2019

March 7, 2019
My (second) Trip to Poland by Stav Palti-Negev

Israeli Playwright, Stav Palti-Negev, reflects on her recent visit to Poland with filmmaker and fellow Asylum Alum, Malgorzata Kozera-Topinska. The purpose of the trip was to collect research for a feature film that they are working on together, which tells the story of a 17-year-old Israeli, Ella, ...

March 6, 2019
Heroes: A Documentary Film in Progress by Avishai Mekonen

Ethiopian-Israeli film director, Avishai Mekonen, talks about his latest project, Heroes, and the journey he took in reclaiming the true history of the Ethiopian-Israeli people. This film was proudly supported by Asylum’s Small Grants Program.

During the making of our documentary-in-progress, Her...

Impossible Demand: Utopic Poetry by Simon Crafts

Land(E)scapes by Einat Amir

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