October 2019

October 28, 2019
Fruits of the Night by Mia Gourvitch
Asylum alum Mia Gourvitch reflects on her most recent solo exhibition, "Fruits of the Night" which was on display at the Indie Photography Group Gallery in Tel Aviv in September 2019. Curated by Ilanit Konopny and Irit Carmon Popper.
Under the skies of Austria, I was the clock. At the foot of...
October 24, 2019
Literature Meets Visual Art by Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson
Among Refugees Generation Y is a series of multilingual calligraphy murals created by Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson in the public space of Berlin. This project is based on the story "Among Refugees" (1923) by the writer, David Bergelson, who lived and worked in Berlin in the 1920s. We are proud to have ...
October 21, 2019
Intermission: Nurturing a Jewish Performance Community
On a newish Jewish farm at a historical Jewish property, with our partners the Manchester Jewish Museum and JW3, we brought together twenty-one UK-based Jewish theater artists for Intermission: Nurturing a Jewish Performance Community. We picked blackberries and herbs and walked through the soccer f...
October 16, 2019
Open Closed Open by Yair Kira, Amir Shpilman & Liat Grayver
Asylum artists Yair Kira and Amir Shpilman, as well as Berlin-based artist Liat Grayver, were awarded the first DAGESH Art Prize for the creation of the installation “Open, Closed, Open” that was exhibited at the Jewish Museum Berlin in Summer 2019.
“Open Closed Open” was a multimedia i...

The Hospital Series by Asya Lukin

Shelter in Place, Adam W. McKinney

Time Between by Marc Shoul