July 5, 2017
Primates by Moran Kliger

"Primates", a new exhibition by Moran Kliger, will be shown in the framework of the OpenART Biennial in Orebro, Sweden.

Drop by if you're in the area, the show will be open until September 10th.


May 26, 2017
Impressions: Latin America Retreat

It was our first retreat with mangos and guavas for snacks, and our first retreat in Latin America. We had an experience full of jokes, dancing, and serious exploration about the ways that Jewish artists in local different regions understand their work and identity. We continued our tradition of hol...

February 28, 2017
Close Talker: Alexander and Archie Rand

Below is an in depth interview between Asylum Artist and grant recipient Alexander Nemser with artist Archie Rand: 

Archie Rand, born 1949, is an artist from Brooklyn, New York. Rand’s work as a painter and muralist is displayed in collections around the world, including those of the San Franci...

December 21, 2016
Maya Avidov, The Listener

"I recently had the pleasure to write & direct a short film for Listeners Project at Rootstein Mannequin Factory (London).
The Listener's Project goes into empty buildings due to be knocked down or redeveloped, and create a series of short films that acknowledge the space and take a ‘pause’ befor...

December 11, 2016
Latin Jewish Off the Wall Experience

Simja Dujov curated Latin Jewish Off the Wall Experience which invited artists to collaborate on works that explore the Jewish traditions mixed with Latin culture while audiences witness both the creative process and the final presentation.

Impressions: Latin America Retreat

Close Talker: Alexander and Archie Rand

Latin Jewish Off the Wall Experience