October 16, 2019
Open Closed Open by Yair Kira, Amir Shpilman & Liat Grayver
Asylum artists Yair Kira and Amir Shpilman, as well as Berlin-based artist Liat Grayver, were awarded the first DAGESH Art Prize for the creation of the installation “Open, Closed, Open” that was exhibited at the Jewish Museum Berlin in Summer 2019.
“Open Closed Open” was a multimedia i...
September 23, 2019
Words & Sounds / Translation & Asylum by Ben Osborn
Ben Osborn reflects on an Asylum Network event he organized and performed in that took place on August 26 at Donau115 in Berlin. In addition to Ben’s performance, the event featured a night of readings and music from Asylum alumni Giuliana Kiersz, Hila Amit, Deenah Vollmer and Daniel Gerzenberg. W...
September 20, 2019
HomeWord : Queering Talmud Through Diaspora by Shelby Handler
Shelby Handler discusses her latest project, “HomeWord”, a multi-arts showcase that brought together seven queer Jewish artists from around the Seattle area to discuss ancient and contemporary texts, including Talmudic passages, that dealt with themes of home and diaspora. Co-created with Maia B...
August 22, 2019
Daniel & Ismail by Juan Pablo Iglesias
Juan Pablo Iglesias talks about the new translation into English, Hebrew, and Arabic of his children’s book, “Daniel & Ismail”, a picture book originally written in Spanish that confronts the very real social and political conflicts that are happening in the Middle East and other parts of the ...
August 7, 2019
ROI Summit by Jasmine Bakalarz
Jasmine Bakalarz reflects on her experience attending this year’s ROI Summit, a program that brings together 150 young Jewish leaders and innovators from around the world. The Summit took place from June 23-27 in Jerusalem.
I decided I was going to write a book. As a photographer, this seeme...

Bay Area Jewish Artist Retreat

Fruits of the Night by Mia Gourvitch

Literature Meets Visual Art by Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson