Sara Camhaji

SARA CAMHAJI (Mexico City, 1986) is a writer, teacher, and mother. Her work is a natural response to her lived experience and the emotional dimensions she has inhabited. She has told and written stories for her entire life. Poetry—the axis of her exploration—has prompted her to develop new discursive forms in close contact with inner human reality; wrenching, they open themselves to embodiment and appropriation. She has a master’s in creative writing, two children, and two published works: Maleza (Alboroto Ediciones, 2022) and Don´t take photos of the landscape; take portraits with the view of the background if you want (Elefanta Editorial, 2023), both in Spanish and English.  A selection of her poems appeared in the UNAM’s Periódico de Poesía and different literary supplements. Narrated poetry or poetic narrative? Sara writes in the voice of an archive with a voice of its own, like a thinking time machine, or from the dark sincerity of she-who-didn’t-know-she-had-to-live.
Sara, with her partner and kids, has lived in New York City, Oregon and is based in Mexico City, where they own Freims, a cultural venue. She is currently working on a novel while researching the topic of “Care”, thought of as the gravitational center of life, a relational orbit and identity seal.



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December 2022 - June 2023Based in: Mexico City, Mexico
Photo: Geoffrey Biddle