Artist Career Development Program 2

October 21 - 23, 2014 · Tel Aviv, Israel

After the success of the first retreat, Asylum Arts continued to work with Artport and Artis to hold a second Artist Career Development Program with an additional group of 25 emerging visual artists from Israel.

ACDP is an invitation-only program that aims to empower artists with professional skills necessary for building professional capacity and awareness of the different aspects of the business of being an artist. ACDP focused on helping the artists develop a concrete vision of what they wanted the future of their career to look like, and devising a practical plan to achieve their goals. Artists were coached on developing a public presentation in English about their work, which were delivered to an audience of their peers, international curators from the Artis network, as well as many other stakeholders and special invited guests. ACDP also focused on financial issues, including financial management, budgeting, and individual fundraising as well as how to widen the artists’ spheres of influence.


“I wish to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the ACDP. Those were three intensive and meaningful days for me that opened my horizons and exposed me to enlightening experiences. I felt challenged and at the same time at a very secure and supportive atmosphere.”

“I felt very welcomed and nurtured. But most importantly, I feel, I have received a great gift of much needed knowledge and tools that will serve me for the rest of my artistic career.”

“I feel more focused. And I know the steps I need to take to approach what I want. And the most important thing is that I defined my goals. Now they are clearer than ever! Thank you!”


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