Virtual Reciprocity: LA Artist Retreat 2020

June 8-25, 2020 · Los Angeles, CA

Asylum Arts, in collaboration with the American Jewish University’s Institute for Jewish Creativity is co-presenting the fourth Reciprocity, a Los Angeles Jewish Artist Retreat. Reciprocity has created a network for community development and strengthened the local cultural ecosystem. Reciprocity 2020 will be a virtual edition which will take place from June 8-25, 2020. During these three weeks, twenty Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary emerging Jewish artists will virtualy meet twice a week and learn from local professionals, community leaders, Jewish educators, and from one another.

Reciprocity aims to empower artists to explore collaboration in innovative ways in order to build an integrated artist community and facilitate a nuanced conversation about Los Angeles’ unique culture and identity. We hope to foster an artist community founded on reciprocity, collaboration and inclusivity to build the Los Angeles Jewish cultural landscape.

The program does not end at the conclusion of the retreat. After the retreat, each artist benefits from IJC facilitated community-based opportunities and becomes part of a global network of artists through the Asylum alumni community.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Reciprocity 2020 will meet twice a week, for three weeks, via Zoom for six online sessions.

Our faculty includes master teachers from the arts, community building, and exploration of Jewish identity and wisdom. We will also discuss opportunities available to Jewish artists in Los Angeles. Additionally, each artist will share his or her creative work with the community.

The Institute for Jewish Creativity (IJC) is a proud project of American Jewish University (AJU). The IJC encourages artistic contributions to create an authentic, thriving American Jewish culture. AJU’s core values are learning and scholarship, culture, ethics, leadership, and peoplehood. For almost 70 years AJU has served as a thriving center and resource for individuals to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity. AJU is one of the largest and most innovative Jewish institutions in the country. The Institute for Jewish Creativity is made possible through a generous Cutting Edge Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

Asylum Arts supports contemporary Jewish culture on an international scale, bringing greater exposure to artists and cultural initiatives and providing opportunities for new projects and collaborations. Asylum Arts, a global network of Jewish artists, currently with 676 members in the US, Israel, Europe, and Latin America, engages audiences with Jewish ideas and community through the vibrant Jewish and Israeli cultural landscape. We have created this international network through facilitated gatherings to build community, and by sparking action through small grants. We empower artists and cultural organizations to create experiences to broaden the impact of Jewish culture.


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