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Ildi Hermann’s FaceAbout Debuts 11/21 in Budapest

As the recipient of one of our 2015 Small Grants, Ildi Hermann will debut her latest photography show, FaceAbout, this weekend in Budapest. The images are from when she worked as a portraitist during the shooting … Read more

Omer Golan (OMTA) solo show in NYC 10/15

Tal & Omer Golan’s new exhibition, Chameleon [MCMLXXXIV] is opening Thursday, October 15 from 6-9 in New York City. Chameleon is a new exhibition from artist duo OMTA that explores the value of works of art in … Read more

Nevet Yitzhak’s Off the ruling class in Cleveland 9/17

Nevet Yitzhak creates multi-media installations that absorb viewers in the construction of new narratives. Using found imagery and archival materials, her works challenge perceptions of the past and raise questions about history, conflict, and collective … Read more


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