The Hospital Series by Asya Lukin

Asya Lukin recounts her motivation behind her Hospital Series, cherishing fleeting moments of humor and empathy within an existence that escapes logic inside the hospital walls. During the past three years, I had visited hospitals … Read more

Time Between by Marc Shoul

Marc Shoul’s photographic series ‘Time Between’ documents his travels through his hometown of Johannesburg in South Africa as the pandemic brings the country to a halt, and his efforts to find resilience and hope in … Read more

The Practice of Gardening by Meital Katz Minerbo

Meital Katz Minerbo’s solo exhibition “I Am Rooted, But I Flow” is on view through August 22, 2020, at P8 Gallery (Tel Aviv). In this feature, Meital shares with us how the practice of designing … Read more

Cain by Moran Kliger

In this feature, Moran Kliger shares with us how she came to explore the complex array of translations and interpretations of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, a small, but influential story that embodies … Read more


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