We are excited to announce Art/Break – a series of short virtual studio visits with artists from our alumni network organized by Asylum Arts and Meislin Projects. Each 30-minute studio visit will concentrate on the artist’s current practice – what changed and what persists during this time including a sneak peek at upcoming projects, with time for questions at the end.

If you missed our previous Art/Breaks, check out the recordings below!

Our first Visit was Hadassa Goldvicht.

Hadassa Goldvicht’s works include large-scale public interventions within communities and institutions, alongside works she created with her immediate family. Thinking of intimacy as a way of reconstruction, she transforms the public domain into a private one, and vice versa. Her work revolves around the relationship between language and ritual, attempting to read and rewrite the emotional and social/political texts written by our body.


Our second visit was with Shai Azoulay.

In his paintings, Shai is interested in creating a narrative abundant with figures and scenes which radiate human warmth, compassion and slight irony. His work outstandingly ranges between drawing to painting, between the fluent to the inarticulate, the sophisticated to the naïve and between the omnipotent to the limited.


Our third visit is with Eli Singalovski.

Eli Singalovski’s photographic work is focused on the contemporary urban environment and originates from the premise that architecture is an intricate and fascinating cultural product. In his practice he explores the relations of power embodied in architectural practices and the complex relations between architecture and those who use it. His work also addresses questions of documentation, time, function and aesthetics.


Our fourth visit was a Pre-Passover Art/Break with Shai Azoulay in conversation with Alana Newhouse. 

In collaboration with Tablet Magazine, this was a special Pre-Passover Art/Break exploring The Passover Haggadah: An Ancient Story for Modern Times illustrated by Shai Azoulay. Shai talked with Tablet Editor-in-Chief Alana Newhouse.



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