ACDP 2016

Aspiring to expand our international network and offer support for emerging artists, we set out to Tel Aviv, where we teamed with Artis and Artport for 4 days of ACDP: Artist Career Development Program. Consisting of workshops, talks and encounters with local and international experts, ACDP prepares artists to work in the global arena. We provide artists with tools that will help them manage their careers outside of their studio spaces. We also encourage them to think about their self presentation, online presence, fundraising applications, and budgeting strategies, by introducing new approaches for overcoming local obstacles.


In Tel Aviv, 25 artists were invited to take part, familiarize themselves with one another and meet more colleagues who might have similar questions and concerns. The opening night party brought together alumni, fresh faces and friends, all joining this growing and exciting platform, which provides support and nurtures new collaborations and opportunities. Throughout our four days together, more connections were formed among group members, while more personal challenges were set: as participants were asked to prepare a presentation about their work, revise their statement with invited speakers and scrutinize their applications skills. We look forward to share more news about ACDP participants in the coming weeks.

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