Asylum Arts Retreat 2016: A View Behind the Scenes

Every year, Asylum Arts brings together dozens of international Jewish artists for a retreat held at Garrison, NY, during which they experience workshops, talks, shared creative time, learn about each other’s practice, and, crucially, join an ever-growing network of worldwide practitioners. Painters, musicians, writers, poets, performers, dancers, directors, photographers or media enthusiasts –  all come together to consider the intricate relationships of arts, culture, individual creation and communal Jewish identity. This is where collaborations spark and new ideas are formed, which later resonate all across the world.

In 2016, we brought together a group of Asylum Arts alumni, who took part in retreats and workshops held throughout the world – from London and Tel Aviv to New York. Some were familiar with the location, some with one another, others encountered the format and its potential for the first time. Between communal meals, Town Hall conversations, music studio recordings, intimate workshops and sessions led by the artists – oh, and a prom! – practices were shared and new avenues for collaboration emerged.

Here are some of the highlights of the extraordinary moments we experienced together, among them alternative rituals, a conversation with gallerists about the art world, movement sessions, book making sessions, outdoor drawing workshops, and so much more. Learn more about our programs, retreats and grants right here.

Photographs by Rob Penner.

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