Interview: Tusia Dabrowska

Time-based artist and writer, Tusia Dabrowska shares her thoughts on Jewish identity as a Polish Jew, overcoming her hesitations about attending her first Asylum Arts retreat and the value of meeting other likeminded artists.

“In my practice, I rarely get to interact with people who share my passion for making things, who come from diverse backgrounds,” says Tusia of Asylum Arts, “to have an opportunity to have this creative energy in a safe space, seems like an opportunity I will not be able to come across in any other way.”

Tusia focuses on video and live art projects and has included many Asylum Artists in her videos. She recently curated the works of Eran Hadas in Poland and her work has been curated by Liat Berdugo and Lior Zalmanson as part of the Print Screen Festival in Israel. Tusia continues to collaborate in unique and exciting ways with many Asylum Artists around the world.

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