Nick Cassenbaum’s Bubble Schmeisis takes the stage in London 9/5

Urban Artist Retreat alum Nick Cassenbaum is now performing the piece he got help funding through our Small Grants Program! More information on the performance as well as where to get tickets in the London area below:

“Bubbemeises is Yiddish, it translates as a grandmother’s story, a tall story, an old wive’s tale.

Writer and street performer Nick Cassenbaum invites you into the warmth of the Canning Town Schvitz, East London’s last authentic bath house. Amongst the steam and ritual Nick will take you on a journey to find the place he belongs.

Schlaping through summer camps, barber shops and Spurs games. Will he find what he was looking for?

Bubble Schmeisis is full of intimate and personal true stories about identity, home and getting schmeised (washed) by old men.”

For a trailer, visit:!bubble-schmeisis/cf5y

Written and performed by Nick Cassenbaum

Director; Danny Braverman

Assistant Director; Joe Fleming

Designer; Bethany Wells

Sound Design; Dr. Tim Coker

Performance Dates;

RichMix Saturday 5th September 7.30pm. Tickets here

Jamboree Wednesday 16th September 7pm- 11pm collaboration with klezmer band Don Kippur Tickets here

Camden People’s Theatre Tuesday 13th October to Thursday 15th October 7.30pm. Tickets here

JW3 Wednesday 30th March 2016 Tickets go on sale in December

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