Shifting Perspective: Introducing Our GoPro Project

We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share, spark and explore so many different artistic and creative viewpoints during our global retreats. We document our events, invite artists to talk about their experiences and delve with them into their practice and transforming understanding of their identity.

During our most recent annual retreat, held in Garrison (NY), we decided to deepen our viewpoint further. We gathered a group of participating artists and entrusted them with GoPro cameras. The only instruction they received was to document the events in any way they see fit. Some went outside, some gave the camera to other participants, some wore it on their heads, some kept it out of view. All were generous and inquisitive, inviting us to view their perspective and idiosyncratic observations.

We are super excited to share this taste from what they saw, and reveal more from this project in weeks to come. Here, take a look:

Video, Asya Lukin, Day 1 from Asylum Arts on Vimeo.


Nisan Almog, Day 1, Garrison 2016 from Asylum Arts on Vimeo.

Liz Nord, Day 2, Garrison 2016 from Asylum Arts on Vimeo.

Video, Malgorzata Kozera-Topinska, Day 3 from Asylum Arts on Vimeo.





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