Subways, Mail and Comics Culture: Asylum Artists In Conversation

Click here to listen to Nina Prader in conversation with writer, cartoonist and designer Jonathan Rotsztain, in a live session recorded by Roy Regev during our recent retreat in Garrison, NY. The interview aired for the first time as part of Prader’s podcast, Paper & Tape.

A brief look into their bios and interests quickly uncovers common threads and interests, emerging in different global and cultural contexts. Both Prader and Rotsztain explore issues relating to memory, identity and the underpinnings of culture.

Born to Austrian parents in Washington D.C., Prader currently lives, works, researches, and produces in Vienna, Austria, where she also earned her Masters of Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her work focuses on text and image arts and Zines, delving into the relations between people, places, historical, and economic contexts, and how these intersections inform categories in culture.

In his practice, Rotsztain navigates autobiographical pieces, performances in which he assumes the role of a lifestyle guru and comics, in all of which he explores questions relating to identity and its representation, as well as memory, rituals, community and self-worth. Based in Toronto, Canada, he earned his MFA in publishing and illustration from the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont.

See more of Nina Prader’s work here. Learn more about Jonathan Rotsztain here.

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