Alexander Nemser and Nino Biniashvili publish The Sacrifice of Abraham

Asylum artists Alexander Nemser and Nino Biniashvili celebrate the publication of their new collaboration, The Sacrifice of Abraham.

The Sacrifice of Abraham contains fifty short pieces composed in poetic prose, centering on the Biblical story of Isaac and Abraham: a father commanded by God to sacrifice his only son. As the orbit of the sequence circles around the sun of Isaac and Abraham, the book reveals its deeper themes: what is our relation to the past, history, and culture, whose force reaches us so much in the form of trash, hearsay, and gorgeous, illusory misinformation? How does culture live in our mind, and what shape does it take, particularly now that all of our knowledge exists in the abundant, eerie contiguity of the Internet? The book’s answer is something like an enormous apartment complex where Zeus, Athena, Jonah, Abraham, Isaac, and Sarah live simultaneously beside refugees, insurgents, scholars, drug addicts and poets. It is the Renaissance School of Athens in Grand Central Station.

Further information about Alexander and Bookieman can be found in the Art Metropole website:

Alexander at the book release party in Toronto:

Alexander at the book release party at Art Metropole in Toronto

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