Sara Camhaji

SARA CAMHAJI (Mexico City, 1986) is a writer, teacher, and mother. Her work is a natural response to her lived experience and the emotional dimensions she has inhabited. She has told and written stories for … Read more

Arkadij Khaet

Arkadij Khaet was born during the final moments of the Soviet Union. A few weeks after his birth his family left the Republic of Moldova and immigrated to Germany. After graduating highschool he lived in … Read more

Emily Bowen Cohen

Emily Bowen Cohen is a writer and visual artist. In 2022 she was Jewish Book Council’s inaugural Writer-in-Residence and part of The Peleh Fund Residency. Her graphic novel, Two Tribes, will be published August 2023 … Read more

Atalya Laufer

Atalya Laufer is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work typically encompasses collaging, drawing and found objects. Interested in inter-generational discussions, her works are often based on historical material and anecdotes she takes out of their original … Read more


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