January 12, 2021
Impossible Demand: Utopic Poetry by Simon Crafts
In this article, Simon Crafts demonstrates the power poetry holds to clarify the requirements and possibilities for revolutionary struggle and to promote utopian thinking.
“We have to tear our happiness from future days.” –Mayakovsky
The United States is still in the grip of a pandem...
December 8, 2020
Land(E)scapes by Einat Amir
In this article, Einat Amir shares the different methods she uses to transform old encyclopedic images into new geographies that expose the connections between geology, politics, and climate change. 

We often hear the argument that society must learn from nature and renew itself through this...

November 24, 2020
Art/Break - Virtual Studio Visits
We are excited to announce Art/Break - a series of short virtual studio visits with artists from our alumni network organized by Asylum Arts and Meislin Projects. Each 30-minute studio visit will concentrate on the artist’s current practice - what changed and what persists during this time includi...
November 11, 2020
The Hospital Series by Asya Lukin
Asya Lukin recounts her motivation behind her Hospital Series, cherishing fleeting moments of humor and empathy within an existence that escapes logic inside the hospital walls.

During the past three years, I had visited hospitals quite a few times. Fortunately, it also presented as an opportun...
October 16, 2020
#CreativityWillSaveUs - Creating hope in South Africa by Aron Halevi
Aron Halevi is a multi-award winning musician based in Cape Town, South Africa. In this feature, Aron shares his motivation and process to create #BecauseWeAre - a song and music video featuring an unprecedented collaboration of 30 of South Africa’s most diverse and influential musicians spanning ...

Impossible Demand: Utopic Poetry by Simon Crafts

Land(E)scapes by Einat Amir

Art/Break - Virtual Studio Visits