Land(E)scapes by Einat Amir

In this article, Einat Amir shares the different methods she uses to transform old encyclopedic images into new geographies that expose the connections between geology, politics, and climate change.  We often hear the argument that … Read more

The Hospital Series by Asya Lukin

Asya Lukin recounts her motivation behind her Hospital Series, cherishing fleeting moments of humor and empathy within an existence that escapes logic inside the hospital walls. During the past three years, I had visited hospitals … Read more

The Practice of Gardening by Meital Katz Minerbo

Meital Katz Minerbo’s solo exhibition “I Am Rooted, But I Flow” is on view through August 22, 2020, at P8 Gallery (Tel Aviv). In this feature, Meital shares with us how the practice of designing … Read more

Cosmos and Yiddish Contemporary Art

In this feature, Asylum artist Yevgeniy Fiks discusses his project “Yiddish Cosmos” and how it represents a larger phenomenon he calls “Yiddish contemporary art”.   “Yiddish Cosmos” is on view at the Israeli Center for … Read more


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