Call My Name by Tal Yerushalmi

Asylum Alum Tal Yerushalmi reflects on her most recent solo exhibition, “Call My Name” which was on display at Maya Gallery in Tel Aviv in February 2020. In this article, she’s asking what yields a … Read more

Shomer by Dor Zlekha Levy

Asylum Alum Dor Zlekha Levy’s works are inspired by the history and the cultural heritage of Arab Jewry. In his latest exhibition, “Shomer,” which was held at Hamidrasha Gallery (Tel Aviv) in September 2019, he … Read more

Suspended in my Masquerade by Rachel Klinghoffer

Asylum alum Rachel Klinghofer explores how emotions and memories can be expressed through objects in her solo exhibition, “Suspended in my Masquerade” which is on view at Ortega Y Gasset in Brooklyn through March 29, … Read more


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